Manremyc, a company with a unique and revolutionary product: Nyaditum resae® (NR), based on the most updated technology and a solid scientific background. 







We are a Company with the mission to eradicate tuberculosis (TB) by reducing its risk of development with a unique and revolutionary product (Nyaditum resae® (NR)) based on the most updated technology and a solid scientific background.

Manremyc was founded and is actually supported by the Experimental Tuberculosis Unit, a scientific team leader of TB research in Europe withIMG_7548 a well-reknown history of publications; international public and private fundings; and the experience of having successfully participated in drug and vaccine development (including the design and development of the first therapeutic vaccine against TB (RUTI®, now developed by ArchivelFarma SL).

Besides the scientific founder team, Manremyc is nowadays integrated by a complex multi-skilled team involving private investors and a group of providers including production, regulatory and business experts that make possible the development of NR.


PrPere-Joan Cardona
PrPere-Joan CardonaInventor of NR,Co-founder & CEO

Ms Isabel Amat
Ms Isabel AmatCo-founder
Dr Cris Vilaplana
Dr Cris VilaplanaCo-inventor of NR & Co-founder

Mr Jaume Amat
Mr Jaume AmatCo-founder

Dr Manel Puig-Domingo
Dr Manel Puig-DomingoRepresentative of IGTP Foundation & CIBERES, Co-founders
Puig de Dou family
Puig de Dou familyMajor Investors
Ms Carolina Rius
Ms Carolina RiusSocial Investor
Mr Roger Valsells
Mr Roger ValsellsFFF investor






MANREMYC was founded with the aim of eradicating TB reaching out to most neglected populations. We are implementing multi-stakeholder business model to make N.R available, accessible, affordable and accepted by deprived communities. To achieve our vision, we are enabling social innovative processes where private-public partnerships are a cornerstone The aim of the company is to help people with a benefit for their health, a big aim with a big heart. For being a natural non-pharma product, NR can be in the market now, everywhere, worldwide distributed, arriving even to the most forgotten populations at risk of TB.




Nyaditum resae® is designed to face a major humankind problem, which is tuberculosis (TB). TB is a infectious disease which continues to kill 1·4 million people annually, striking severly Africa and Asia. Caused by a bacillus called Mycobacterium tuberculosis, one gets infected when the bacteria is transmitted from an ill person while talking, singing, coughing or sneezing. Once infected, the disease can remain silent for years, but suddenly to cause severe symptomatology and even death without treatment.

We have discovered that with the induction of an specific balanced immune response, the exaggerated inflammatory response triggered by the body against the bacilli can be modulated, and the development of TB avoided. This can be generated by “educating” the immunity of the host to not consider the bacilli as a danger, but as a food. With this purpose, we have developed Nyaditum resae ® (NR), to be given in low doses daily for short periods of time (2 weeks) and able to generate this balanced immune response. 

NR is a revolutionary product:  a nutraceutical with natural origin, a low-cost production, well-tolerated and safe. For being a probiotic, NR is not submitted to the regulatory restrictions of drugs and is already available in the market.

Of oral administration, several available marketed forms and low price, NR is easy to be distributed and can be included in massive health interventions.  


NR is a unique product: there is no other natural product with a high-quality scientific background and technically developed  in excellence (in terms of efficacy and toxicity assays) without being a drug.  However, there are some other therapeutic approaches available in the TB market :

1.- Antibiotics. Isoniazid is prescribed to reduce the risk of developing an active TB once infected, thus antibiotics could be competitors of NR if there was any screening of infection. However, most countries at risk of TB have a such a high TB incidence that the screening is not economically viable and therefore not mandatory and not done. NR instead, can be offered to anyone at risk, without prior knowing if this person is already infected or not.

2.- Other host directed therapies, like Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) or vitamin D. Recent scientific advances in TB field have revealed the immunomodulation of the response to TB with host-directed therapies could be the clue to control the disease. However, approaches as NSAIDs have a range of well-known adverse effects and the scientific community has still not agreed on which length would ideally have the treatment to achieve efficacy.  Moreover, the dose and adverse effects of vitamin D which might be useful are still under discussion. NR for its natural characteristics and manufacturing processes, NR is a totally safe product. 



Nyaditum resae ® (NR) is the product able to induce the balanced immune response that diminish the risk of acquiring TB. Its production is based in the elaboration of a heat-killed culture of and environmental micobacteria belonging to the family of Mycobacterium fortuitum complex (new species: Mycobacterium manresensis). The final active ingredient is a powder in which a known concentration of a low dose heat-killed bacteria plus and excipient, and can be distributed in different final forms. After giving it daily for 14 days, it has been demonstrated that is able to stop the progression towards active TB in preclinical assays.

Safety has been demonstrated both in preclinical assays and in a clinical trial. The preclinical and clinical assays have been presented in several scientific international meetings, and the technology of NR is patented (PCT/ES2013/000145).



You can directly contact our Product Manager, Dr. Xavier Berthet. We will be happy to answer your questions. Thank you for your interest! 

Dr. Xavier Berthet
Dr. Xavier BerthetProduct Manager

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Manresana de Micobacteriologia, sl

C/Urgell nº 26, 1


 VAT number: B66008095




Manremyc received finantial aid from ENISA